a better rehab – private investment rehabs and non profits

Today’s idea is to have a chain of better rehab places across the US. I envisions several smaller, less institutional rehab facilities having a strong market for many years to come. A recent newspaper article talked about the millions that were recently spent on a new rehab facility that will be run similar to a hospital, in the Franklin TN area. This is fine for some people, but most people that don’t make it through a rehab program, or a lot of those that do not go voluntarily in the first place is because of this “institutional feel” for one thing, and there are other reasons that can be addressed and fixed with smaller niche drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

I believe for around 2 million a small facility could be created that would be more like a resort vacation than a hospital visit. Why not have a few deltec style homes on a property with rooms like a hotel, a pool, a waterfall, organic foods and more? I could see there being facilities for yoga, tai chi and other alternative methods of exercise and understanding.

If you took an ad for Hilton hotels and just changed the word hotel into rehab, wouldn’t that make people want to go? Having various alternative forms of therapy and group support would also help more people. This could all be done on a budget that is very similar to what is already being spent on rehab clinics, and it could be done better. It will most likely be so popular that several would need to be built in each city.

Drug and alcohol problems are going to be around for some time. This is a market that will need to be served for along time, and there are lots of customers out there just waiting for a good place to enjoy. One of the rehab facilities in my area charges an average of $600 per day. If we could build a hotel resort and get half that for each room and stay as booked as these places are, we’d be rich, and helping people at the same time.

I know people in several different areas of these fields, and would love to put together some investors to get this ball rolling. More on ths later.

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Cubes with laser pointers

Some envision the next generation of sniper to not be much of a rifle sniper at all but rather a target painter with a laser that paints a enemy target for air strikes, possibly unmanned predators. With a miniature cube that can be placed and camouflaged if needed, the cube could be placed at several targets anywhere in the world for later strikes. in fact an unmanned system could land the Cube in the area or even have it delivered via space and dropped in the atmosphere.

So what is the the Cube it would be a device in cube like shape that once landed would have the ability to be mobile no matter what side it landed on. A laser target painter could be sized and thus the size of the cube would differ depending on the range needed to acquire a target.

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The Curbee

This idea is one of my favorites to have been working on. This combines several proven teachnologies into one making a awsome trashcan slash robot slash RC.  Todau i missed taking out the trash as a result  i have tons of flies and more trash than I can put into the can. Now I am stuck with either going to the dump or waiting another week for the teash man to come and pick up the trash, with this idea that will never happen again. intorducing the curbee a trashcan that takes itself to teh curb. It does with with an RC motor installed in the bottom the the can. Once a user starts the curbee and walks it to the curb once it will remember the path taken and always take itself out on trashday via this path. The outter shell of the curbee could be a solar collecter so know charging would be required. We are still working on a few bugs but we should have this thing launched by years end.

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Rewind Toolbar via videobot

Woiuld it not be cool, if we could rewind a website back a few hour, days, months, or even years? Alot of time on the front page of Yahoo a news story is there and while I am reading something else or doing a search I come back to Yahoos front page and the article is gone. Well with this idea anyone would be able to rewind any website they favorited. I would like to purpose a bot that once a user has favorited a website that bot starts to record thatfwebsited so at anytime that user could rewind that websitee. Should anyone out there in the computer world want to help witht this videobot let me know becasue advertisers would love it since there ads may be seen twice.

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Apple ipodlike iphone details sound similar to our future thinking

We’ve been talking about making cell phones better for some time. Some of our ideas are coming together here and there around the world, and today I read leaked details about some possible features in the new apple iphone..

The device will have a slide out keyboard, a touch screen and two batteries (one for the MP3 player, one for the phone). Read more at TechCrunch.

With the slide out keyboard it makes me want to get an apple for a next phone, touchscreen as well, perfect. Now if we can just get one of these to incorporate the miniature screen projector James has been talking about, and get it to tun palm based applications, it would be the perfect fit for some of the future mobile office and lifestyle products we talk about developing.

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Television shows

We have several great television show ideas,

2 reality shows

1 mini series

a few movie ideas too.

Producing television shows and tv series is not something I am an expert in, but we do have a few show ideas that will sell well. I do know a lot of the aspects of the business and use much of the same equipment. I have several television show ideas, I have 2 series treatments already created, and I have begun research as to how much they would be able to sell for in order to determine the budget.
If you are in the position to invest 75,000 for production costs, we would be able to shop these shows to several networks. We are in the position to offer HD video, and will create commercial video promos for the shows. I believe these shows will be leased to several networks and enjoy a large audience.

If you have info about how much the various networks pay on average for a completely produced two season series it will help us create the optimum budget for the best ROI.

Comments, feedback, and partners are welcome with these projects.

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Software applications, internet and cell phone apps

So we’ve had a lot of great ideas for new and or better software. Whether it is naming an existing internet portal better, or a brand new application that will get a huge user base, we come up with ideas all the time. Some of the ideas we’ve come up with will be hugely successful.

One internet portal idea will basically take a few hundred dollars for custom code, then will seem one year of targeted tv and radio advertising to really take off. The current state of our business model for this puts daily users in the 500,000 range in a short period of time. Money will be earned in micro payments of $1 for a percentage of the user base, and google adwords or similar profitable dynamic ad bars will increase revenues from this soon to be popular internet destination.

Another software app we have been developing is centered around mobile phones (actually 2 of the apps we are working on are cell phone centered). This app will need patent protection, but once it is patented, I believe it can be rolled out quickly, widely used by cell phone end users, and will be able to earn capitol from select corporate beneficiaries. It would be easier to explain the application and then it will make sense; confidential discussions only with this project.

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Robotic Ideas

I have some very practical robot / robotic ideas coming out soon.

These robotic ideas can be easily created today. Right now similar machines are already in production. Modifying and combining existing proven technology, these 2 lines of people helper robots should be able to sell in the 100,000 unit range within 2 years. Small investment required to complete the finished / exterior housings for the prototypes. At that point we will create the commercials in house and have 30 second, 60 second, and 30 minute commercials. At this point we would need to know we have enough cash flow to order a lot of parts, and the cash to buy tv (and web) advertising for 6 months. At that point the company should be able to maintain itself, turn great profits, and predict it’s necessary growth as far as production, sales staff, etc.

Why do I think my robot idea is so great? Well, it’s practical. There are plenty of engineers out there making great advancements in the world of robotics. I do not claim to have some new super technology that will make a robot seem like a perfect android. I have an idea for two very useful robots, that many people would want and use right now today. Existing technology can make these easy, I’m talking about quick adaptation and sales, not 10 years of R&D for a chance of having something life like.

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Chameleon paint and carpet

Chameleon paint and carpet is an idea so that depending on how hot or cold it is in the room would determine th ecolor of the paint on the walls or the color the carpet is. Do you remeber the shirts back in the day that would change depending on your body heat? Well the same concept but for carpets and paint.

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Gate that goes back fourth and up

If you have dogs in your home then you probably own a gate from walmart or target or what ever your store of choice is.Commonly known as a baby gate or in my case a doggy gate yo ulock into place like this.

 But by attaching suction cups to the side the gate would then be able to move up and down or back and fourth like so.

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