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adblock into fairblock

I’ve been sitting on this idea for many months, and a few times i considered posting about it or contacting others about it some other headlines took over the news cycle. As things seem to be getting pretty heated in … Continue reading

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Squeaky dog toys made with dog whistle squeakies

I have 5 dogs and they love the heck outta there squeaky toys and i love buying them because they love them so much but I had a great idea on how to make a new type of dog squeaky … Continue reading

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QR codes for assembly instruction manuals

What i would like to see isĀ  a QR code on all instruction manuals that directs the owner to a how to video on how to create the things in the manuel. That way a lot of people like myself … Continue reading

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The flat screen television airbag

Have a cool idea since buying a flat screen television recently i wanted to ensure that if it ever got knocked over or off the wall or mount than when it falls it would inflate a airbag to cushion the … Continue reading

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A car maintenance reminder app for my cell phone

Wouldn’t it be car if my car could sync with my cell phone and remind me about upcoming maintenance? Okay, I know it’s impossible right now with my current car, but I could imagine a cell phone app that still … Continue reading

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Made in USA cell phone app – we need this

Most of my cell phone app ideas I am keeping a secret until we get a non-disclosure agreement and funding, but this one I am posting on the internet. Please note the creative commons license associated with this information (and … Continue reading

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Thinking about pitching Google Ventures for investment

I have been thinking about going to Google ventures with one of my ideas ever since I saw the blog post on TechCrunch talking about the new venture capital program that Google has launched. I think it’s a good idea, … Continue reading

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Testing wordpress upgrade

This is a test. This is not only a test, but a reminder to myself that this is a great web project for bringing together ideas and inventions from around the world. Now that wordpress has been upgraded, look for … Continue reading

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a better rehab – private investment rehabs and non profits

Today’s idea is to have a chain of better rehab places across the US. I envisions several smaller, less institutional rehab facilities having a strong market for many years to come. A recent newspaper article talked about the millions that … Continue reading

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Cubes with laser pointers

Some envision the next generation of sniper to not be much of a rifle sniper at all but rather a target painter with a laser that paints a enemy target for air strikes, possibly unmanned predators. With a miniature cube … Continue reading

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