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iRobot CEO Colin Angle talks about the future of robotics

I still believe that the main focus of the robotics industry needs to be better funded segments of the the population for a while. Continue reading

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Quarterlife highlights Web role and control issues in writer strike

In a recent article from Reuters, one group that is taking advantage of the recent writers strike to make in impact on the web. I was surprised to see that there are similar issues with writers and musicians in relation … Continue reading

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Chameleon paint and carpet

Chameleon paint and carpet is an idea so that depending on how hot or cold it is in the room would determine th ecolor of the paint on the walls or the color the carpet is. Do you remeber the … Continue reading

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Gate that goes back fourth and up

If you have dogs in your home then you probably own a gate from walmart or target or what ever your store of choice is.Commonly known as a baby gate or in my case a doggy gate yo ulock into … Continue reading

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Solar powered bug zapper

This was an idea that i thought about when I tried to hang a couple of bug zappers outside last summer.After not having a long enough extension cord and relizing how great it would be to have one that worked … Continue reading

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Battery Inside another

The first of many ideas I wanted to blog about was a battery inside a battery.That would always store reserved power for another function.

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