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Squeaky dog toys made with dog whistle squeakies

I have 5 dogs and they love the heck outta there squeaky toys and i love buying them because they love them so much but I had a great idea on how to make a new type of dog squeaky … Continue reading

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QR codes for assembly instruction manuals

What i would like to see is  a QR code on all instruction manuals that directs the owner to a how to video on how to create the things in the manuel. That way a lot of people like myself … Continue reading

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The flat screen television airbag

Have a cool idea since buying a flat screen television recently i wanted to ensure that if it ever got knocked over or off the wall or mount than when it falls it would inflate a airbag to cushion the … Continue reading

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Cubes with laser pointers

Some envision the next generation of sniper to not be much of a rifle sniper at all but rather a target painter with a laser that paints a enemy target for air strikes, possibly unmanned predators. With a miniature cube … Continue reading

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The Curbee

This idea is one of my favorites to have been working on. This combines several proven teachnologies into one making a awsome trashcan slash robot slash RC.  Todau i missed taking out the trash as a result  i have tons … Continue reading

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Rewind Toolbar via videobot

Woiuld it not be cool, if we could rewind a website back a few hour, days, months, or even years? Alot of time on the front page of Yahoo a news story is there and while I am reading something … Continue reading

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