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So we’ve had a lot of great ideas for new and or better software. Whether it is naming an existing internet portal better, or a brand new application that will get a huge user base, we come up with ideas all the time. Some of the ideas we’ve come up with will be hugely successful.

One internet portal idea will basically take a few hundred dollars for custom code, then will seem one year of targeted tv and radio advertising to really take off. The current state of our business model for this puts daily users in the 500,000 range in a short period of time. Money will be earned in micro payments of $1 for a percentage of the user base, and google adwords or similar profitable dynamic ad bars will increase revenues from this soon to be popular internet destination.

Another software app we have been developing is centered around mobile phones (actually 2 of the apps we are working on are cell phone centered). This app will need patent protection, but once it is patented, I believe it can be rolled out quickly, widely used by cell phone end users, and will be able to earn capitol from select corporate beneficiaries. It would be easier to explain the application and then it will make sense; confidential discussions only with this project.

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  1. aquaspark says:

    Do you fairly think this is news? I like and read your blog to get necessary information, but sometimes melancholy kills me

  2. Chris B says:

    Im always thinking of new inventions, some small some to big to know where to start. I believe that I finally put one together that could hit as hard as text messaging. Right now its just an idea but i want to put it together for the reason that i want to have this feature on my phone and also to capitalize on the idea. I dont know where to start but I hope you could help me with that. Please contact me if you have any interest in learning more about a killer idea.
    -Chris Branche

  3. Andrew says:

    I was thinking of some kind of smartphone app that a person could create a shopping list, at which point, you select a store in your area and the price is added up for you right there so you have some sort of idea of how much money you will spend on the things you need saving you tons of money on “LAST MINUTE BUYS”

  4. Lonnie Smith says:

    It would be nice to have an application on your phone, ware you can take a picture of an article clothing and the app. will show you color options for your ensemble.

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