Robotic Ideas

I have some very practical robot / robotic ideas coming out soon.

These robotic ideas can be easily created today. Right now similar machines are already in production. Modifying and combining existing proven technology, these 2 lines of people helper robots should be able to sell in the 100,000 unit range within 2 years. Small investment required to complete the finished / exterior housings for the prototypes. At that point we will create the commercials in house and have 30 second, 60 second, and 30 minute commercials. At this point we would need to know we have enough cash flow to order a lot of parts, and the cash to buy tv (and web) advertising for 6 months. At that point the company should be able to maintain itself, turn great profits, and predict it’s necessary growth as far as production, sales staff, etc.

Why do I think my robot idea is so great? Well, it’s practical. There are plenty of engineers out there making great advancements in the world of robotics. I do not claim to have some new super technology that will make a robot seem like a perfect android. I have an idea for two very useful robots, that many people would want and use right now today. Existing technology can make these easy, I’m talking about quick adaptation and sales, not 10 years of R&D for a chance of having something life like.

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