The Curbee

This idea is one of my favorites to have been working on. This combines several proven teachnologies into one making a awsome trashcan slash robot slash RC.  Todau i missed taking out the trash as a result  i have tons of flies and more trash than I can put into the can. Now I am stuck with either going to the dump or waiting another week for the teash man to come and pick up the trash, with this idea that will never happen again. intorducing the curbee a trashcan that takes itself to teh curb. It does with with an RC motor installed in the bottom the the can. Once a user starts the curbee and walks it to the curb once it will remember the path taken and always take itself out on trashday via this path. The outter shell of the curbee could be a solar collecter so know charging would be required. We are still working on a few bugs but we should have this thing launched by years end.

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  1. Eric says:

    This is a great idea!! I am recent graduate of electrical enginnering. This idea hits home because I proposed it for a senior project in 2005. I was unable to patent the “idea” due to lack of funds and investors in 2005. However, I did seal (& postmark) all appropriate material in regards to this invention(idea), as it applied to my vision! Now that I am in a much better finanical position I look forward to pursueing my idea. I understand you probably own the patent for the “curbee”, how will this affect my invention? My vision is similiar but not the same. If you have specific patent pending information available I would appreciate it if you could pass it along so I can review the invention as you see it in its entirety.

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