QR codes for assembly instruction manuals

What i would like to see isĀ  a QR code on all instruction manuals that directs the owner to a how to video on how to create the things in the manuel. That way a lot of people like myself never fall into the pit falls of putting things together wrongly and the wasted time that goes with it. A video instead of crappy text instructions with lame drawings is what is needed. For the price it cost to have a artist draw the designs we could have a video done on the whole assembly of any product.

All is needed as a warehouse and about 20 camaers and a manufacter to send you the products or in house product of the construction could be done. ZThe videos could be all YouTube video URLs so that once a user swiped the code with there smartphone or tablet pc it would take them to the video on how to make or assemble the product. Could be a cool app one day.

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