A car maintenance reminder app for my cell phone

Wouldn’t it be car if my car could sync with my cell phone and remind me about upcoming maintenance? Okay, I know it’s impossible right now with my current car, but I could imagine a cell phone app that still reminds me about the scheduled maintenance. Of course it would be cooler if my car could blue tooth info to my phone for additional updates.

My vision – a cell phone app, it syncs with my outlook, and it reminds me that I need an oil change next week. It reminds me that I should be getting new tires soon. This could be as basic as estimated the miles I drive based upon a few things, and syncing with the manual for my Toyota Solara. The big issues like timing belt replacement and stuff like that happen should all be all included.

htc-mobile apps needed

htc-mobile apps needed

I don’t think about these things, usually until it is too late. I would love to have cell phone reminders so I would get it done before it’s a bigger problem. I would love to know in advance so I can budget these things before it needs to be done. I would love to know my manufacturers recommended maintenance before I am in the jiffy lube or other shop and they are suggesting I get all this extra work done.

I would pay a dollar for this in a minute. Here is another one of my cell phone /  iphone app / mobile app ideas that I am giving out to the world for free – someone please develop this. (And note my creative commons license for this info!) – If you can make some money from it, perhaps you can send me some cash to upgrade my car to bluetooth – then maybe I could know what that check engine light is really about without having to go to the auto parts store.

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2 Responses to A car maintenance reminder app for my cell phone

  1. Keith says:

    Great post, Steve.

    My startup, Maintaino, is a web-based preventive maintenance reminder app. It’s fairly generic, but should work well for car maintenance based on mileage. I’ve thought about just the sort of direct car/phone integration you described, but unfortunately getting electronic odometer readings from the car’s onboard computer currently requires custom hardware, and the protocol isn’t fully standardized.

    As an alternative, though, I believe it should be possible to use the phone’s camera to OCR the odometer reading and then transmit that back to Maintaino. That method should work on any type of vehicle (cars, airplanes, boats, etc).

  2. tom says:

    You can look at this android application: Car Maintenance Reminder.


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