iRobot CEO Colin Angle talks about the future of robotics

In an article found on Crunchgear:

Angle foresees that robots will soon become omnipresent and amazingly useful in aging populations.

His main point, that robots will soon do the jobs we don’t want to or can’t do, is a quite cleary coming to pass. I asked him if there was a cave mouth epiphany in the home robotics industry and he shook his head. We’ve sold 2.5 million robots, but that’s 1 to 2% of market penetration. The digerati love robots, but our real audience is middle American homemakers.

I can see this as a future goal, but I still believe that the main focus of the robotics industry needs to be better funded segments of the the population for a while. The robotic ideas that I have been working on do focus on machines doing the jobs that humans don’t want to do, or would prefer not to do. Jobs that would be healthier if a machine could do them. I have two robot ideas that would sell well because they will make jobs faster and easier. These ideas should sell well to industries that have the funding to purchase them, and the speed issue alone will give them a great return on investment. Focusing here first will get the whole “robots among us” thing started. People will be talking about how they use a robot in their job, and after a few years it won’t be an unusual thing to want a robot or two at home. This would be the easier transformation of taking robots from the digerati and into the mainstream American households, which is where iRobot and many other companies want to go.

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