Ideas and writings is a collaborative blog depository of many ideas from Steve and James (and friends). Big ideas, small inventions, money making / business opportunities, and more will be featured here. We welcome feedback, and are looking for partners and investors to help make these ideas a reality.

Our ideas and writings shared here are in chronological posts / blog format here.

We have several more great ideas and inventions that will not be posted here, as they are huge money making ideas, and will require a non-disclosure or patent filing before discussion. Contact us is you are interested in investing in some grand money making businesses, and inventions. We have some great ideas, and have already developed business and marketing plans for some of these projects. We are in the process of putting together production times and costs as well. We can’t wait to get these products and ideas to market! People need them!

We welcome your comments and collaboration. If you’d like to invest or help develop some these ideas, inventions, or tv and movie scripts – we are super busy already, and looking for partners!